Hi everyone and welcome back to Spill The Beans… The Coffee Beans, today I am going to talk about ways to make your coffee at home.

For those of you who would rather stay at home and enjoy a cup of coffee. Here are some of my favorite ways to prepare coffee at home.  

To make a cold brew coffee at home all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First make sure your coffee is grounded coarsely, then steep the grounds in water for 10-12 hours (I like to do it overnight). After steeping the beans you have to strain it, then you can add creamer or the milk  of your choice.  If you want to save time in the morning you can also make a batch to last you a week on the weekend. Though the process to prepare the coffee is long the wait is worth it as steeping the coffee grounds allows for a smooth finish.

If you are in a  mood for a Frappuccino but do not want to spend the money on it here is the perfect recipe to make one at home. To start you are going to need the following ingredients: 2 shots of chilled strongly brewed coffee, half a cup of milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and ice. After you get all the ingredients you are going to start off by putting the ice and your chilled coffee  in the blender and blend it for 10-15 seconds. Once you blend that add in the half a cup of your milk of choice and blend for another 10-15 seconds. Make sure it is smooth and pour it into your cup. Finally to finish it off add your whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top. This is one of my favorite coffees to make in the summertime.

I hope you enjoyed this article and try out one of these recipes for yourself.