Hi everyone and welcome back to Spill The Beans… The Coffee Beans, today I am going to talk about some of the healthier options you can get at Starbucks.

Starbucks has a wide variety of options when it comes to what to order and how to order it, especially when it comes to healthier options. Here are some of those options for you. First things first, if you are looking to include any additional flavors to your drink you can add the sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup or the sugar free vanilla syrup.

Something many people do not know is that Starbucks offers keto friendly drink options. Here are some of those coffee options, and how to order them. To start, order your choice of an Americano, Black Coffee, Iced Coffee, or a Cold Brew, then pick your choice of sugar free syrup ( cinnamon dolce syrup, or vanilla), finally add your dairy or non-dairy options of heavy cream, almond milk , or coconut milk. These drinks are a great way to get a drink at Starbucks but still stay on your diet.

Keto friendly options are not the only healthy items on Starbucks’ menu. There are many low calorie drinks on the menu such as a basic iced coffee which is 80 calories and an iced coffee with milk being 110 calories. A sweeter low calorie option would be a caramel iced coffee (a regular iced coffee with added caramel syrup) which is 80 calories without milk and 110 calories with milk. One of my favorite low calorie drinks is an almond macchiato; to order this first ask for an almond macchiato ( it is made with almond milk instead of regular milk), then substitute the cinnamon dolce syrup with the sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup, and finally ask for caramel drizzle on top. Even though these drinks are low in calories they still have a lot of flavor.

I hope that you found this article useful and give one of these drinks a try.