Hello, Everybody, my name is Valerie and I want to welcome you to “Spill The Beans… The Coffee Beans”. In this blog I will talk about my favorite ways to make coffee, my favorite go to coffee orders, the newest coffee trends, ways to get the most out of your dollar when buying coffee, and my favorite items to order from the secret menus of some of the most popular coffee spots. In all honesty I probably drink more coffee than I should,but by no means am I an expert on coffee. I love to explore the world of coffee by trying new blends and switching up my order often.

I grew up in a Guatemalan household, so I was introduced to coffee at a young age and it has been a staple in my life since. I would say that my taste in coffee has strongly been influenced by my Guatemalan roots. While some may think it is to bitter, straight black coffee with no sweetener or creamer is what I was raised drinking and is my favorite. I am however happy to say that I have broadened my horizons in the coffee world and ventured into new ways to drink my coffee. Don’t get me wrong I still love black coffee, but now I usually customize my drink to match my mood— A stronger brew that is almost always a straight black cup to get me ready for the day, a sweeter usually iced coffee of some sort around lunch, and a mildly sweet coffee to end my day.

I want to use this blog to explore the world of coffee with you. I hope to introduce you to new ways to drink your coffee,and if you don’t drink coffee I hope I can convince you to give it a try as I’m sure there’s something out there for everyone’s taste.